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Five Things We Always Have In Our Foaling Kit

Feb 20, 2020

In the eight years we’ve been foaling mares at Dean Quarter Horses, we’ve learned to prepare for foaling season months before our first mare is due – after all, you never know when a mare is going to tire of giving her foal a free ride weeks before her due date.

There are five essentials we make sure are within easy reach in the barn just in case the unexpected happens and we need to act quickly when foaling a mare.

1) Bucket – One of the most important things we have on hand is a metal bucket. Not only does it work well to carry supplies to or from the stall, but obviously it works well if you need to get water or need a bucket to throw the placenta in. The metal seems to be easier to clean than plastic so it is more sanitary for foaling and can be easily wiped down after we’re done with it.

2) Flashlight – Sometimes the power goes out or a mare decides she can’t wait to get to her stall before foaling, and it is never fun. After foaling a mare by cell phone light one year, we made sure that we not only have the flashlight but it has new batteries in it and we have extra batteries in the barn – there’s nothing more annoying than needing to use a flashlight and it being dead.

3) Banamine – We have a whole First Aid kit if needed but we always make sure we have extra Banamine. If you’ve foaled mares for any amount of time, you’ve seen a mare need a bit of help cutting down the pain post-birth and it also works if she tries to colic on us a few days after foaling.

4) Scalpel Blade – For thicker bags, we find that a scalpel blade works a lot better than a pair of scissors. You have limited time to get a bag off the foal and it’s much less stressful to be able to just do a quick cut with a scalpel than having to fight with scissors and stress that they aren’t cutting as well as they should.

5) Information Page – We have multiple information pages in the barn that have information such as normal vitals for mares and newborn foals so we can quickly check if something seems off. On that sheet we also include our phone numbers in addition to a list of all veterinarians and clinics nearby with phone numbers and addresses. Remember not to just put your own vet’s phone number on there, if you can’t get ahold of them and need a vet ASAP it will be a literal life saver to have at least one other vet on there who you can call with an emergency.

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As a small breeding program located in Madisonville, Texas, Dean Quarter Horses strives to produce American Quarter Horses that excel in Western Pleasure and All-Around performance events. We feel the time we take to properly imprint and handle the foals early in life aid in making them more dependable mounts in their future show careers.


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